Wood for Eternity
Let yourself be inspired by my wood art

My Biography


Hello, my name is Artur Fuhl.
In the next few lines I would like to briefly introduce myself.



I'm in my early fifties, happily married and have two great daughters who fill my life. I am a trained industrial mechanic, but today I work as a control center dispatcher for the Karlsruhe transport company.
I noticed my passion for wood as a material when I was young, and I also wanted to learn something with wood as a career. In the 90s, this professional group was unfortunately very poorly paid, which meant that I learned a metal-related profession.
The career choice was made, but the passion for wood remained.
In recent years, some work has been carried out with wood. And so in 2021 I started pursuing my hobby more. I tried my hand at the first models and let my artistic side run wild. With a high degree of self-criticism, many models quickly became firewood again. Over time and an ever-increasing passion for wood, one or two pieces were created that my wife put in the living room herself. I began making decorative items that depicted the important things in life. In combination with LED light, epoxy resin, clockworks and other utensils, 

this wooden art became a real eye-catcher.
Topics such as time, harmony, peace, love, faith, gratitude and respect are part of every day in my life.
It's often the little things in life that make it so valuable and unique, like my wooden decorations. No two pieces of wood are the same, even if the motif is identical, every letter and number is drawn by hand and created with tools such as hand chainsaws, wood rasping discs and multi-sanders. It is the unique thing that makes my wood art so interesting.
No matter whether you give it as a gift or put it in your room yourself - it is and remains unique.