Wood for Eternity
Let yourself be inspired by my wood art

From the idea to the finished decoration.


All models are created upon customer request.
The process is quite simple. You speak to me using one of my contact options and please tell me about the occasion and for whom you would like this decoration.
I like it best when we have this conversation over the phone. Emotions often come across differently in conversation than when you write them.
Please tell me something about the person receiving the gift. What kind of person is it? More of a daredevil or more of a softie. What qualities are important to the person in life, what is important to them? Do you have any special preferences? Which color brings you joy?
With this information and your suggestions, I create my model. I try to incorporate all of these characteristics into my decorations.


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After a certain inspiration period, I start making the model. I draw up a few options on paper and then decide what will best suit the person receiving the gift.
Now the right wood is selected. I only use hardwood made from beech or oak. No two pieces are alike, as there are often knots or color differences on the wood that may not be used later in the decoration. Sometimes I smile at myself at how long I spend looking and walking around my wooden shelf until I find the right piece.
The sketch is then transferred to the wood. The first impression counts because, notoriously, there is no second chance. If I'm happy with it, I start with the rough pre-treatment. The contours are roughly prepared using a hand chainsaw and a rasp disc. Once this process is complete, the multi-tool (Dremel) is used. This step takes the most time. Here, too, preliminary work is carried out with the coarse cutter and gradually the cutters become smaller and finer.


Up to this point all the decorations are actually the same. Then comes the final treatment:

  • If you want it to remain rough and rustic, only the edges are processed a little. If necessary, the letters can be flamed down a little with the burner.
  • Or if you want it to be softer and more supple, then the model is processed with a finger sander, delta sander and an orbital sander until it produces a soft, smooth surface. Processing with the torch is also possible here.
  • In principle, it is possible to incorporate LED lighting. These are available with a small solar panel (the lighting duration depends on the charging process) or with battery operation. The lighting is available in warm and cool white as well as all basic colors up to the colorful version.
  • I offer the installation of a clockwork, which goes well with some decorations. This would of course be hanging on the wall. The device for this is then also available.
  • Laser engraving of motifs and names is possible in a size of 30cm x 30cm.
  • Now my logo will be laser engraved, if possible on the back right. This is the lettering www.wood-for-eternity.de with the tree trunk.
  • Last but not least, the decoration is cleaned and sealed with a wood oil or natural beeswax to prevent the wood from drying out.

The price of a decoration clearly depends on the desired model, the features and the time required. The cheapest decoration starts at around €99 and requires around 8 hours of production time.


On your own behalf:
All decorations are made entirely by hand. This is a natural material that may have cracks or inclusions. Depending on the location, the wood will work over the next few years and you are not immune to cracks forming. In general, the decoration can be resealed from time to time with beeswax or wood oil to prevent it from drying out.
Please keep in mind that this is also what makes this decoration so unique. A piece of wood that reflects your wishes or dreams - unique!
"So you have to be prepared to buy a cucumber at the market and not in the supermarket, because that's the only way one is the same as the other."

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